Occupational therapist and movement therapist professional scholarship

The nurse scholarship will be awarded in accordance with the "Regulations on State Financial Support for Students in Higher Education Institutions" approved by Appendix 3 of Resolution No. 346 of 2022 of the Government of Mongolia.


100 percent (30 credits) will be awarded if the student's previous semester GPA is above 2.0. If you have paid the tuition fee in advance, you can transfer it to the next year's payment or send a request for refund to the account responsible for payment (No. 227 of MNUMS) and it will be decided according to the procedure.


Check Tuition Payment:


You can check your tuition payment at oyutan.unicus.mn.
You can check your financial support in the reference section of http://grant.elf.gov.mn/.


•Does not apply to students who are participating in a bachelor’s program for the second time.


First-year students are required to pass the IEP threshold.

Required materials:

1. Application (requested to apply for a scholarship to the Department for Student Development and Management of MNUMS)
2. Identity card reference (from Emongolia)
3. Birth registration reference (from Emongolia)
4. Confirmation of IEP (can be obtained from Emongolia)
5. Copy of secondary education certificate (can be obtained from Emongolia)
6. Perforated folder

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