The “Student Student-2024” international student research conference, organized for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Student Development and Management Department of MNUMS, was held on April 1, 2024.
12 students from 9 countries, including Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, China, Russia and Thailand, participated as guest speakers in the “Research Student-2024” international student conference. 323 works of 1,672 research students led by scientists and teachers of 7 national universities were submitted to 7 sessions including Clinical Medicine, Bio-Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Public Health, Oral and Oral Sciences, Pharmacy, and Nursing.
“Researcher Student-2024” international students selected 3 papers from each of the 7 academic sessions and selected the best work and the best research student.
In the oral presentation category
1st place: T. Khuselt-Od, G. Enkhtushig, S. Enkhtuya, U. Suvd-Erdene, T. Elziyhu, B. Elziysaikhan, B. Amarbayasgalant, T. Bilegtsaikhan, B. Ariunzaya, A. Oyunbaatar, T. Khongorzul, S. Tsogtsaikhan, L. Enkhsaikhan, Ch. Gansukh “Assembly of protein plasmid from OX40L-FC Gagne”
2nd place S. Khatanzaya, B. Michel, L. Enrel, Ts. Zultuya, B. Dagiimaa, D. Namuun, P. Oyuun-Enh, B. Batbayar “Forms of communication when receiving face-to-mouth care for hearing-impaired citizens, research on emerging issues”
3rd place R. Tsend-Ayush, U. Bayartsetseg, S. Agerke, G. Hishigjargal, T. Munkhtuul, B. Erdene, L. Onerjargal, Ch. Battogtoh, Ya. Munkhdelger “Results of Candida albicans infection in connection with the use of dentures”
Special place Ts. Anudary, E. Delgermaa, E. Nandinchimeg, B. Bat-Uhaan, Ch. Purevjargal, G. Odmaa, B. Tserentogtoh “Investigation of the effects of moxibustion therapy with a chemical scarf on osteoarthritis of the knee joint”
In the wall presentation category
1st place S. Haliun, E. Nomin-erdene, B. Altankhishig, N. Maral, F. Yekaterina, Z, Manduul, B. Egshiglen, G. Dorjbalam, O. Jargaltuya, E. Renchindorj, O. Chimedsuren “Smoky tobacco use among young citizens of Ulaanbaatar”
2nd place O. Monkh-erdene, J. Monkhtsetseg, D. Khash-erdene, S. Tulgaa “Research results of 3100 B protein, a biomarker of nerve tissue damage in stroke patients”
3rd place Y. Bayarmaa, A. Bulgamaa, B. Enkhtuul, B. Khuvytavilan, B. Monkhzul, B. Norovnyam, D. Otgonsuren, H. Daariimaa, E. Buyanjargal “Study on extraction of oil from Braivu-3 tanga”
As the best research student
T. Khuselt-Od, a student of the 501st section of the BAS of ASHUU, won the award.


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