“MNUMS BEAUTY” student beauty competition has been organized successfully


The annual “MNUMS BEAUTY” student beauty experiment, which is organized as part of the “Student Development” program of MNUMS, was successfully held on March 22, 2024, in cooperation with the OST Entertainment Club at the Student Culture Center of the Student Development Administration Department. 8 couples will participate in the competition and compete in 4 categories: Mongolian national costume, Beautiful costume, Art performance and question and answer.


In the best doubles category:

O. Ikhbayar, Section E206, T. Hulan, Section A230 of Bio-Medical School

In special premises:

B. Shirchin, Section E105 of the Bio-Medical School, D. Sarangua,
Section EZ 301 of the School of Pharmacy


Z. Enhjin from the 139th section of the Bio-Medical School and H.
Bolor from the 205th section were selected respectively.


We would like to thank the staff of Hatan-Erdene Association who cooperated as judges of the competition.

 We wish our students great success in studies, arts and sports.


Let’s create a healthy future together.


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