Student Employment Support Center

In 2013, the School of Nursing established an employment support center. “Student with income” national program was approved by the government on December 7, 2016. Within the framework of this project, in 2018, a Student Employment Support Center was established in the main campus of MNUMS, and is cooperating with the Ulaanbaatar City Labor Office. Students who are interested in working outside of school hours can get registered and find information at the Student Employment Support Center of Division for Student Development and Management.


To increase the employment of MNUMS students, and thus to raise our students reputation in the labor market.


Provide support for student career planning

Preparing students for the labor market

Work hours permitted for students

No more than 4 hours a day, no more than 20 hours a week.

This restriction does not apply during school breaks or summer holidays. The wage for 1 hour of work must be equal or more than the minimum wage in Mongolia.

Example of activities:

Organization of training and events,

Counseling students

Constant cooperation with employers

Placement of students in workplaces in a healthy and safe environment

Advantages of being registered at the “Student Employment Support Center”:

Receive job offers at MNUMS without any delay

Work in professional and other enterprises and organizations in their free time and gain practical experience

Get job orientation training, advice, and information

Reduce post-graduation job search time

Get paid regularly and earn income

Placement in safe workplaces within approved procedures and guidelines

Get information about organizations such as the Labor Office of the Capital City, Capital Employment Support Center, Hourly Work Exchange, etc.

Students who are interested in part-time jobs can contact the following e-mail and facebook links to get information about part-time jobs.

What is part-time or temporary work?

“Part-time work” means that an employee or a citizen performs certain tasks and duties personally, and is paid a salary according to the performance of the work and the time worked per agreement not in a regular manner.

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